TuneCore Launches Artist Services Portal, SoundOut Track Smarts

image from www.creativedeconstruction.comTunecore today launched an Artist Services Portal to provide additional tools and services for artists. First up is TuneCore Track Smarts powered by SoundOut which offers consumer feedback of songs designed to provide actionable insights to the songwriter. Other Artist Services launch partners include discounts on the Bandzoogle website creation platform, access to the atVenu merch app, CD duplication, mastering and net radio promotion. 

The company plans to continuously augment the portal with a broad range of services that support artists.

Tunecore has offered discounts and access to similar services in the past.  But what was more of an affiliate program is on its way to becoming a direct integration with launch of ArtistServices. Tunecore's goal is make an artist's TuneCore account the hub of all of their music marketing and sales efforts. 

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  1. Tune core discounts and access to similar services a direct integration with launch of Artist Services are best and highly appreciated I got