Why Email Newsletters Are Still a Vital Marketing Tool for Musicians

Shutterstock_204761359Email Marketing may seem a little bit old school, but the truth is, if you're taking a pass on this avenue you're missing a critical opportunity to personalize your band to fan communication. Having Facebook & Twitter followers and fans crawling your BandPage, Sound Cloud, or StoryAmp is fantastic but if you aren't utilizing those tools to point your followers toward signing up for your mailing list, now might be a good time to reconsider your plan of action.

Here's why…

With email distribution lists you have to opportunity to own and track your data. If you're connecting with fans via social media and interactive tour date platforms you've already taken the first step, but the second step is to cultivate those listeners into lifelong fans. You can do that by tracking your response and targeting your efforts as you tour based on the interaction you experience. Build your Email Marketing strategy and boost your career with these 5 tips from Dave Cool from Bandzoogle. Get back on the bandwagon thats still gaining ground on MusicThinkTank.com

"An email list is the ultimate in permission marketing. Once a fan gives you their email address, they’re telling you that they want to hear about your career, about your latest album, your next show, your new merchandise, etc."

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