Wix Website Builder Adds Free Email Newsletters

Wix-logoWix is a freemium website builder that's really been taking off with a huge number of users (50 million+). It's designed to make it easier for folks without coding experience to create their own websites and they've added a wide variety of templates and apps to support that process. Now they're introducing a free email newsletter service for Wix site owners. If you're looking for an easy website/email newsletter solution for your band, Wix might do the job but keep in mind that Wix saves key features for premium accounts.

I've been surprised at the incredible growth of Wix. When I checked it out a few years ago it seemed fairly limited and constrained. But limits and constraints are often exactly what beginners and those who don't want to become experts need to create a solid, basic web presence.

Note that Wix's free sites are fairly limited. You have to get a premium site currently starting at $4.08 a month to have a custom domain (yourband.com vs wix.com/yourband). Pricing for a full-featured site including their shopping cart puts Wix closer to a service like that of Bandzoogle or a WordPress install with some premium plugins.

Wix ShoutOut: The Easiest Way to Send Beautiful Newsletters

Wix is upping their game a bit with the introduction of ShoutOut, a free email newsletter and update app that allows you to contact your fans with announcements or regular email newsletters.

Emails adapt to one's screen and Wix includes analytics.


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