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Songwriter-link-logoAre you a songwriter hoping to collaborate with others or a musician looking for a songwriter with which to collaborate? You've now got at least 3 more options you may not have known about to connect with songwriters. Hook(ist) is a unique monthlong songwriting event. FindMySong offers music collaboration in the cloud. While SongwriterLink is a new network that matches musicians and songwriters.

Hook(ist): A Monthlong Songwriting Event

Brad Roberts of Crash Test Dummies Introduces Hook(ist)

Hook(ist) takes a unique approach to songwriting with month long songwriting events led by a different respected songwriter:

"music legends and rising stars collaborate with die hard fans and hard core musicians to write an original song together, line by line!"

Outstanding participants will get recognition and an original song will result.

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FindMySong: Music Collaboration In The Cloud

Introducing FindMySong

FindMySong wants to connect "incredible musicians from all over the world" for collaborative songwriting.

Features include:


  • Full control over your copyright
  • Easy management for all your projects
  • Private, safe filesharing
  • Up to 10 projects, completely free


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SongwriterLink: Get Matched With Songwriters

SongwriterLink is the newest of the three with an open invitation to join their private beta.

According to the official announcement, SongwriterLink:

"uses matching engine technology – the same kind that dating websites use – to help users find exactly the type of songwriters they’re seeking for collaborations."

"The site can match songwriters with composers, lyricists, topline writers, and beat producers. Users can conduct a search to find a co-writer by specific genre, or let the site match them up. Once a match is made, the collaborators can start writing songs together immediately through video chats and file sharing."

SongwriterLink is a project of recent Berklee-grad Lisa Occhino who developed it with help from Berklee's Business Startup Initiative. Occhino is also the Managing Editor at Sonicbids.

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