Beats On Their $3 Billion Sale: “There’s a new instrument in the Apple family.”

image from www.onecall.comApple has finalized its $3 billion deal to purchased Beats. To announce that the two companies are now one, both exchanged welcome announcements online. Apple used theirs to heap praise Beats co-founders Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre. Beats chose to use the spotlight to stake out their new place in Apple's linage of game changing musical "instruments" including the Mac for digital recording, the iPod which changed how music is consumed and the iPhone which puts music at the center of the consumer's connected life.Their full statement: 

Headphones   Powerful Sound and Audio Technology from Beats by DreMore on Beats

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  1. Too bad most real musicians, except rap & hip-hop, would not use Beats headphones because the sound is not that good (unless you just want bass in your face). In my work I need something with a balanced sound/frequency spectrum that accurately reproduces the music. Unless Apple decides to make a better Beats, with a flatter, more natural frequency response, I’m not going near them.

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