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Dirt Cheap Design Services For Musicians: Swiftly + Eventbrite, Fiverr and More

icheapNeed a quick but great looking web banner for your next concert or release?  Need a band logo fast, but don't have much cash? There are a growing number of online services that connect designers with potential clients, and many are perfect for musicians and indie music companies on tight budgets.

$5 - $19 Goes A Long Way

Eventbrite Pacts With Swiftly: $19 + 1 Hour = A Great Web Banner

Using Swiftly, bands using Eventbrite to organize a show and sell tickets can now get small design jobs done quickly Once an event is created on Eventbrite, they can visit swiftly.com/eventbrite, provide a description of the banner design they want, and a designer will be assigned to create the design within one hour, for just $19. 

Swiftly offers many other simple design services like flyers and other banners completed in 1 hour for $19. Find more here.

The $15 Logo

Recently, I was in discussions with a legendary musician about redoing his marketing and branding materials. To illustrate my point, I wanted to show him what a new logo might look like that would better communicate his brand.  

Just to have something to show in the meeting, I went onto tasks-people-will-do-for-$5 site Fiverr, browsed designers who do logos and ordered from from three different artists whose work I liked. Picking them, pasting the same instructions into each order and placing it took 10 minutes. Just $15 and 48 hours later, I had three logos - one horrible, one good enough and one so perfect that with one revision we'll begin using next month. 


Fiverr designers also create Facebook banners, Twitter backgrounds and dozens more useful graphics and services.

Great Cheap Posters

Upload your new design to BandPosters, add a bit of show info and for $15 tey'll print and ship 5 custom posters to your next gig. Here's how it works: