Marketing Music With Instagram’s New Hyperlapse Video App

Hyperlapse-logoSo many musicians and music marketers are using Instagram these days that you may already be using Hyperlapse, Instagram's new video app. Hyperlapse allows you to create time lapse videos with the support of image stabilization while you're on the move and then speed up the resulting footage. Thus Hyper[time]lapse. It's a great quick tool for anything that takes time including band setup, audience action, rehearsals, performances or other activities that could be related and quickly transformed into Instagram action.

Instagram's new Hyperlapse app is free and even comes with a music video concept:

"Walk through the crowds at an all-day music festival, then distill it into a 30 second spot."

The result is something like this:

Introducing Hyperlapse from Instagram

Here's more of the backstory of the tech which is getting some mighty big praise.

Marketers have already gone into action as has Jimmy Fallon.

You can download it for free and get started right away or go read more about the tech.

Hyperlapse: Help


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