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Music Writer News: Medium Launching Music Mag, Tyler Hayes At FastCoLabs

Medium-LogoThe shift from print to the web as well as the shift to user-generated writing has affected both music and music tech writers though often in different ways. For awhile outlets for music writing were shrinking unless you started your own blog or site. But outlets for music tech writing have gradually grown with the rise of digital communication. Now Medium's bridging the gap a bit with the upcoming launch of a digital music mag, aka music blog, on its platform. One music and tech writer, Tyler Hayes, who's using platforms like Medium has recently been writing more for FastCoLabs giving music tech a stronger presence on Fast Company's platform.

Medium To Launch Music Mag

Medium is a blogging platform that also publishes stuff on the platform. This causes no end of blogger angst in Silicon Valley circles. I don't really know why.

Now Medium's launching a music magazine that should debut next month.

Jonathan Schechter, early co-founder of The Source and most recently "director of programming for the Wynn casinos’ high-end dance clubs," will be editor. Robert Christgau will be reviewing albums and there will be lots of other writers as well.

Medium is already the home to quite a bit of music writing. I wouldn't mind something that forefronted that writing since some of it is quite good.

But if they're paying writers to write then it's a positive development.

Tyler Hayes At FastCoLabs

Tyler Hayes has written a bit for Medium and, in the past, posted quite a bit at Hypebot.

But lately I've been seeing his thoughtful commentary about tech mainly at Fast Company's Co.Labs including music tech:

Your Phone Is Key To The Future Of Concerts

How Recording From The Road Is Changing The Music Industry

And tech relevant to music marketing:

A Twitter App Marc Andreessen Would Love

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