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New Music Tech Startups From Berlin, Bosnia, 500 Startups and DreamIt

Baby-bird-mike-scott-flickrThe music tech startup scene is so crowded it's hard to know which new companies to cover especially as each new development brings similar entries ranging from copycats to people trying to improve on a popular idea. So mentioning those at the early stages is worth doing both for initial acknowledgement and to have a record in passing that they existed since many, if not most, will be gone in a year or two. It's a tough situation. Here are some tiny birds dreaming of flying high despite the difficulties ahead.

Sidestage: Book Shows Directly From Musicians

Sidestage is a new startup based in Berlin. It's designed to directly connect those who'd like to hire musicians for events with the musicians.

Founder Schuyler Deerman shares the story of:

"How I went from $1 million in seed funding, through shutting down my first company, to launching the second one."

Qorio: Sing Better In The Shower

Qorio is described by "startup activist" Dragan Antonic as helping "you to sing better, even under shower."

During a recent demo day in Macedonia, Qorio won two of the day's awards for "Most promising startup and Best pitch."

This bit of emergent news came via a roundup of Eastern and Middle European tech news.

500 Startups: Feesheh and Promolta

500 Startups recently announced its next group of startups to help accelerate.

Feesheh - "first online store offering accessibility and competitive prices on musical instruments inthe Arab World & on oriental instruments globally."

Promolta - "helps music videos get seen through a targeted network of online publishers."

DreamIt Ventures: Bar & Club Stats

Though Bar & Club Stats is not music specific the company seems quite relevant. They were said to be participating in DreamIt Ventures' recent demo day of accelerator graduates.

Bar & Club Stats - "provides ID scanners and ID scanning mobile apps that not only validate the ID (e.g., for age verification wherever alcohol or tobacco is sold) but also capture demographic data that helps their users better market to their customers and promote their venue to sponsors."

Best of luck everybody!

[Baby Bird photo courtesy Mike Scott.]


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