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Pandora Does Not Cannibalize Radio, Says New Study

image from www.wccatv.comListening to Pandora does not mean that users listen to to less broadcast radio, according to a new study. Researchers at NuVoodoo Media Services interviewed 1100 respondents ages 14-54. Their findings indicate that 62% of Pandora users listen to Pandora at least 30 minutes per day and nearly as many spend that much time with broadcast radio. As Pandora use increases, so does the percentage that listen to it at least 30 minutes daily. But the percentage spending at least that much time with broadcast radio does not decrease.

More Music Options Lead To More Time Spent Listening

Increasingly, as in this study, researchers are finding that more access to music means more time spent consuming it.  Fighting for ears is no longer a zero sum game. "So the point is you have to engage with active consumers," writes Bob Lefsetz. "And the most active consumers are streaming on Spotify, because they want access to all new music instantly. They’re the tastemakers who spread the word. If you don’t image from res.images.picsquare.cominfect them, you’re leaving money on the table." 

The findings also represent a huge opportunity for broadcast radio.

"We know that many Pandora listeners are also heavy users of broadcast radio, but we’re interested in whether those using Pandora begin to pull away from broadcast radio over time," said Leigh Jacobs, VP, Research for NuVoodoo.  "These latest results validate our hypothesis that longer experience with Pandora doesn’t equate to less listening to broadcast radio. While those who’ve spent more time with Pandora tend to increase their daily TSL from the service, they claim not to reduce their TSL with broadcast radio.”

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  1. You’ve heard of Voodoo Economics? This is NuVoodoo Statistics; wishful thinking to sell to nervous terrestrial radio clients. Young people today only listen to AM/FM if there is no other option in a car. Young people today will be all people tomorrow, and cars are quickly growing options. You do the math.
    From the HotSeat, Thomas McAlevey, CEO Radical.FM

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