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Ratings Fall Sharply For PG-13 MTV Video Music Awards Broadcast

vmaRatings for a shock free MTV Video Music Awards fell sharply on Sunday. According to Nielsen surveys, the awards telecast was down 18% to 8.3 million viewer. Simulcasts on MTV, MTV2, VH1, and Logo TV along with all repeats delivered as total 13.7 million.

This year's VMA's delivered more tweets than viewers: 12.6 million.

Some attribute the drop to a relatively tame broadcast devoid of moment like last year's Milyey Cyrus twerking extravaganza.

How PG-13 was the broadcast?

Conservative watchdogs the Parents Television Council shared that “MTV seems to have toned down” the show.


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  1. that was the worst VMA’s ever, so i’m not surprised. no variety, and an emphasis on booty shaking over music.

  2. Music hasn’t been a draw at the VMA’s for, a long time now. So the only thing left has been the spectacle of the freak show. Get rid of the spectacle and the ratings will go down.
    Of course MTV could start being the cutting edge channel for new music…..but that would be silly wouldn’t it. 🙂

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