Spotify, BandPage Partner For Artist To Fan Sales

BP + Spotify logo[UPDATED] Spotify has partnered with BandPage to add direct to fan sales to the popular music streamer. The integration is live today; and in addition to traditional merch offers like t-­shirts, musicians can profit from additional revenue streams like VIP experiences, secret shows and other exclusive direct artist ­to ­fan offers.


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Some in the industry have been critical of what they see as low payments from Spotify and other music streamers. Today's announcement showcases Spotify's potential to help artists gain new fans and now to monetize them.

Examples available today include a meet and greet with musician Porter Robinson and a prop from his Lionhearted video, a limited edition koozie and t­shirt bundle from Miranda Lambert, a presale and exclusive online concert offer from Ariana Grande, a song collaboration with members of Tea Leaf Green, and pre­show soundcheck parties with the Stone Foxes.

“For so long, musicians haven’t effectively been able to reach their fans with the right merch and VIP experiences across major streaming services. This partnership opens up a new revenue stream that enables musicians to sell directly to 40 million fans at the moment they are most engaged and listening to a musician’s song,” said J Sider, Founder and CEO of BandPage.

"This partnership represents an exciting step forward in the kinds of offers musicians can present to their fans on Spotify,” said Mark Williamson, Director of Artist Services for Spotify. “We’re pleased to be working with BandPage to help artists engage with their fan base and create new revenue opportunities.”

For additional details, visit spotify.bandpage.com.


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  1. I have always been an optimist about the possibilities — and probabilities — of technology and direct artist/fan engagement to expand the music business. BandPage is leading the way — and demonstrating it with real initiatives (like this one) that are making it a reality. I have followed this company for a long time — and am a believer. Great news not only for BandPage and Spotify, but most importantly for musicians (all of whom should absolutely be using this service).
    Peter Csathy, CEO Manatt Digital Media

  2. This is such a great development for musicians to drive incremental revenue. Great job by the BandPage team!

  3. We are very excited to put this new partnership to use. Being able to show our artist’s exclusive offers directly to their fans in a highly visible space will definitely help increase conversions. This will be a great way for artists to reach and engage their true fans while earning incremental income to help support their tours.

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