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Streaming Music Moves:’s Coming, Guvera And Saavn Battling Spotify

Uprisefm-logoThe struggle for global streaming music supremacy continues to get more complex with new players fragmenting the field and established ones expanding. is not a direct competitor but is hoping to open new territory with music owned by artists that's not currently available for streaming. Both Guvera and Saavn have global ambititions and so compete with numerous companies though Spotify tends to be the point of comparison. However Guvera is establishing itself in numerous countries while Saavn remains focused on India. to Launch in 2015

Producer and musician Daniel Lanois has joined as Creative Director and Chief Music Curator. The new music streaming service is preparing to launch next year:

"Uprise.FM will offer a unique music experience, featuring the rare, unique and live recordings owned by artists that aren’t available on commercial streaming sites…Uprise.FM will also function as an artist hub, with artist services such as artist classifieds and free storage of live and unique tracks."

Check the site's homepage for more on this interesting approach.

Guvera and Saavn vs. Spotify

With Spotify the leading brand in on-demand streaming music services, a wide variety of companies are now being compared to them whether global competitors or regional giants.

Guvera has been operating in Australia, the U.S. and Indonesia. They're now expanding in Southeast Asia with availability in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Hong Kong.

While Guvera is building globally, Saavn has been focused on India though it's also said to be available worldwide.

Saavn apparently has had a big focus on Bollywood but also wants to offer more major label artists and recently struck licensing deals with Warner Music and EMI:

image from"Two record deals takes Saavn’s library up to nearly two million tracks, but more importantly it means the service now covers all major labels in the US, including Sony and Universal."

While this deal will strengthen them in India, they are also exploring opportunities in areas where they've gotten strong response like the Middle East.

"Though the primary focus remains on India, he said the company is considering moves into markets where it sees engagement, such as the Middle East, next year."


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