15 Jewish artists you must listen to for Rosh Hashanah

KoshaBy Kosha Dillz

While publicists mistakenly send out final requests to get all their work and premiers today, they may forget that their favorite writers and artists are Jewish, so be sure to read this article and share with a person you may know!  To prepare yourself for this list, watch this video of me saying Happy Rosh Hashanah over 100 times.

 1. Sofia Hoops

This chick got some flavor. Seductive singing and infectious pop-atronic  sounds can really help it all go together.(pop x electronic).  She has been in NME, Wall Street Journal and is also the cute gal in the new Haim video next to Big Sean with a Hoops hat. Jam to Young Loverz and be happy she is Jewish, with some Armenian and Bolivian flavor. Oy.

 2. Aaron Cohen 

He is a good rapper that is in a documentary of Aaron Cohen's and is from Seattle. Put him in the talented section of rappers that rap about tough things like hard times and all and you'll find Aaron's red beard. He raps dope, curses, and goes the more serious route. Check out Potential Fans. 

image from upload.wikimedia.org 3. Y-Love

Could you imagine a Gay Orthodox Black converted Jew who raps over B More club music? Well it exists. He exists. His name is Y-Love, and when he is not programming dope sounds in his classic punk rock Doc Martins, he is programming Java Script in his classic Doc Martins. Watch "Focus on the Flair"

 4. Lily and the Parlor Tricks

If you are into indie folky type stuff you'd mess with this chick, as she brings a lil' flavor in a country way. They just got off tour and even have their song in a BMW commercial in all these Spanish countries right now.  They also just played Bonnaroo aka Bonnajew, and their back up vocalist Darah Golub is creating a film with me 🙂  Check Requiem.

 5. Mr Green: One of the best producers in the game right now, he has a show on Noisey where he creates beats out of items on the street called Live form the Streets. he has produced for every major rapper out in the underground, but has developed a hard core hip hop fan base from overseas. Watch his show Live from the Streets.

 6. Lil Dicky One of the best  to do it with his videos, think of Macklemore style videos with College Humor twist, makes him the most common rapper to show during your apples and honey eating session. Watch his "Lemme Freak" , which basically explains what the future life with your girlfriend ail be like if you stay married. Quality and quirk.

 7. The Pains of Being Pure At Heart  If you are into cold weather of the Autumn leaves and long band names, I found these  guys to be led by Kip Berman, the lead singer of this super tight band. Simple and Sure is the name of the lead single for Days of Abandon, and that sort of reminds me of the motto for this year; Simple and Sure…two things I need and like. Watch the video here

 8. Bulletproof Stockings: I don't think you can imagine anything as hot as this. Hasidic chicks reincarnating the vibe of Women Only shows and they recently sold out Arlene's Grocery. They literally convinced the bar to have only women there in attendance. What a treat for NYC. Baruch Hashem they should only become so famous that men would never dare leave them again in a relationship. Check out Dalia Shusterman and Perle Wolf. Listen to their jams here. Learn about them here.

 9. Haim – Don't think you can have a holiday without some amazing music from these gals. I love all their stuff and it is quite inspiring. Three sisters from the valley who I fav their album Days are Gone. Seeing them live is a treat , and it usually sells out, so make sure to buy your tickets early. So many favorite jams can be found here

 10.  Matisyahu- It's no wonder this Jewish artist is like the holy grail of listening for all things considered in the Jewish religion. His songs are re-created into prayers for synagogues and he has crossed over into pop culture since 2006. If you type the word Jewish music in google, his music will surely pop up. Check out his new album Akeda and his tour dates.

11. Adi Ulmansky – She is a super fly chick from Israel who tours all over Europe and recently played Glastonbury. I know she works with Borgore, another Israeli beat mastermind, but this gal is a bonafide hit with style , chutzpah , and hustle. Save me from Myself is a good saying and song.

image from img.sxsw.com12. Kosha Dillz – Yeah I'm writing about myself on this one! I must say that. jam out to a lil bit of Spanish and Hebrew, and also check out the latest album,  Awkward in a Good Way on my bandcamp. Might as well listen to some Kosh Hashanah too.

13. Diwon – This guy is a producer extraordinaire and has been spinning yemenite music and middle eastern sampled production for years, as well as making tight sounds for various emcees and bands. Check out his fresh project called Bonhom and the song called Live for Now, which really improves my day every time I listen to it.

14. Nissim – With it all being said, Nissim is a black convert from Seattle who converted from D. Black, a dope North West rapper. In fact he has music from Jake One and tours quite frequently. He's played Sasquatch festival, which is the ultimate fest from what I hear, and his music has taken on a lot of meaning. Best thing about him is that his rhymes are pretty Jewish now, and his bars are still quite flawless. Check out Chronicles

15. Gas Lamp Killer: Ok last one I swear. This dude destorys everything and rips faces off when he spins. Gas Lamp Killer tours the world, has the better haircut of most Jewish artists, and is one of the most humble peeps I have met in a while. Let us all hope we get to see him spin some time in LA at Low End Theory, where he is a weekly resident. You can jam to his dark set in Leeds

 Less than .25 percent of the world's population is Jewish. That means it's only 14 million people. Music is something I think that is different than everything else, and although all this music is different from each other, it is nice to see they all have at least one thing in common. All the artists above can have Rosh Hashanah dinner , Hanukkah dinner, and Passover dinner, together. Regardless of how many Jewish people you know, or if you are Jewish yourself, you can enhance that all by sharing this article with someone you know, because good music is good music. And today is the start of our year, 5775

So go tell a writer, rapper, band,Dj, publicist L'Shanah Tovah U Metukah!

Kosha Dillz is a D.I.Y. Jewish rapper that specializes in creating awesomeness  rapping in Hebrew, performing in various hole in the wall clubs and considers Oshkosh,Wisconsin one of his most favorite places to play shows in America. He once rapped in a Laundromat in Phoenix on tour in 2009 where 13 people attended and has a new music video out. You can also check his website www.koshadillzworld.com and invest in a shirt,




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