53% Of US Adults Spend 39 Minutes A Day On Facebook

Facebook mobileNew Facebook user stats analyzed by eMarketer underscore just how important a tool the social network is for music marketers.  52.8% of U.S. adults 18+ – 129.5 million people – will access Facebook at least once a month in 2014, according to the latest estimates. – Of those, the average time spent per day on Facebook is 39 minutes.


Video will take 15.9% of adults’ digital time in 2014, according to eMarketer. Online radio will grab 11.2%. Subtracting Facebook, other social networks will own just 11.9% of US adults’ digital time.





eMarketer’s estimates of time spent with media include all time spent within each medium, regardless of multitasking. For example, consumers who spend a half hour looking at Facebook while listening to Pandora would be counted as spending a half hour on Facebook and an additional half hour on Pandora. Such multitasking helps to contribute to the significant amount of time people spend with media each day. Our study took into account more than 500 data points collected from over 70 research institutions including audience measurement companies, industry associations, academic institutions, major online media platforms and other research firms with various methodologies ranging from online surveys, in-person interviews, phone surveys and meter tracking—all of which were analyzed to account for discrepancies and convergence in definitions, methodology and historical accuracy. 

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