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Apple Gives New U2 Album FREE To All iTunes Customers

U2UPDATED:  U2 used today's Apple event to debut a single "The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)" live on stage and announce that their  new album "Sons Of Innocence" was now available free to more than 500 million iTunes customers in 119 countries.

The previously unreleased album will be exclusively available on Apple's iTunes and streaming on iTunes Radio and Beats Music through October 13th. A physical release with more tracks will follow in mulitple formats.

"The album is already in your iTunes music library.

All you have to do is tap to download it."

It was a day of major announcements. but accept fir U2's grand finale, music did not take center stage, Beats, was in fact only mentioned twice in passing. offered this early review:

"So the album packs an emotional punch, not so much the flame-waving uplift of U2’s stadium crowd-pleasers, but something more complex and sometimes uncomfortable but always compelling. Every track is recognizably U2, driven by a great if idiosyncratic rhythm section (Mullen Jr. is fearsomely precise while Clayton flirts with the danger of a relaxed beat) and Edge’s great jangling guitar riffs. Yet the end effect is startling, different—and very, very good."


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