Are Apple And Major Labels Planning A CD-Like ‘Audio Upgrade’ Campaign?

IovineRemember all of the money you spent – and the record labels made – when upgraded your record and tape collection to "superior sounding" CDs? Former label chief and Jimmy Iovine certainly does; and I'm hearing persistent talk that he's close to selling a similar audio upgrade campaign to Tim Cook and his new bosses at Apple. 

apple itunesIovine and his Beats colleagues have long been critics of  the audio quality delivered by traditional mp3's. They set out to fix it with Beats headphones, earbuds and speakers; but that's just the start. "The thing I am most proud of is that we got a generation of young people to care about sound quality," he told the WSJ. " We believe in the entire sound ecosystem, We are going to find its flaws and fix them."

But it could be a tough sell.

Because of the growing popularity of streaming music, we're on an era where fewer and fewer are actually buying music. But if Iovine and Apple can convince even a fraction of music consumers to upgrade to lossless audio – or better yet a new Apple proprietary version of it –  it's found money for his old friends back in the record business, as well as his new compadres in Cupertino.

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  1. I am an independent musician I have an album and a dvd out and I would like to be assisted with utube and I tunes to make my album available on line internationally.
    My stage name is JV Cele.

  2. @ Johannes: CD baby.com is probably your best bet. I have used them for years. They are very transparent in their accounting or earnings for you and they can get your music on pretty much every monetized platform that is out there in the world.

  3. Better headphones (and interfaces) definitely make sense!
    But all blind tests prove that nobody can tell the difference between current mp3s and 16/44.1, or 24/96.
    The old mp3s were terrible, but they’re long gone…

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