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Dice Launches No Fee Ticketing Platform, Jack White Jumps Aboard

Dice ticketsDice wants nothing less than to disrupt event ticketing by eliminating all middlemen and selling tickets at face value without any fees. Launching in London today, Dice comes loaded with $1.6 million USD in funding from insiders in both tech and music including White Star Capital, Tim Clarke & David Enthoven (Robbie Williams and Passenger management), Angus Baskerville (13 Artists) and others.


image from www.guitarlessons.comSince Dice 100% mobile and the ticket’s on the phone, it doesn't really cost more than a few pennies to process the entire transaction. "How do we make our industry ten times bigger by giving fans and artists what they want. How do we pack venues by being smarter?," says co-founder Phil Hutcheon. "Charging the face-value ticket price with no other fees – does that even make sense? Yes, of course it does… and transparency is no longer an aspirational bonus, it’s essential."

For now at least, Dice's concert offering is curated, but it does include tickets for Jack White who is selling ticket for his big UK show. 

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