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Eventbrite Neon: New App Streamlines On-site Ticketing and Entry Management

Eventbrite logoToday Eventbrite releases Eventbrite Neon, a new iOS mobile app that combines the functions previously available in Eventbrite's At The Door and Entry Manager apps. Eventbrite Neon will allow users to create a mobile box office, handle event entry and monitor real-time data. This will make things easier for folks juggling roles and apps or working with a unique event that requires flexibility.

Eventbrite Neon is a free iOS app for iPad, iPhone and the iPod touch (links may not be immediately live). No word on when this will be available for Android which currently has only the Entry Manager app.

Eventbrite also has an app for attendees and ticket buyers for both Android and iOS.

According to Eventbrite, the new app allows organizers to:

  • Monitor real-time ticket sales, trends and attendance from their event dashboard
  • Accept fast, secure payments for tickets and merchandise, and issue tickets on the spot
  • Get attendees into events faster with reliable ticket scanning and guest check-in
  • Process customer requests from anywhere, including ticket reissues, cancellations, and refunds

Here's a look at the real-time analytics on the iPad (click for larger image):


Notice how, with not that many details, it gives you a nice and usable overview of what's happening at the event. It appears the default is the overall event but there's a link to check the stats for sales from the device in hand as well which is a nice touch.

Eventbrite's attention to detail and commitment to the needs of DIY organizers is evident in the design and features of Neon. It's part of the reason they're leaders in the ticketing game.


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