Facebook Now Delivers 1 Billion Video Views Daily

image from blog.pageyourself.comFacebook is proving that YouTube is not the only place that people watch videos. Growth in video views on the social network exceeded 50% from May through July of this year, according to new stats released today Since June there are an average of more than 1 billion video views every day on Facebook. More than 65% of FB video views happen on mobile. By comparison YouTube last reported that it delivered 4 billion views per day in 2012, but usage has frown exponentially since then.

Stunning Growth In Africa

africaFacebook also announced that it has 100 million active users in Africa – 80% on mobile. That means 50% of all Africans connected to the internet are active on Facebook.  What that implies for potential growth for Facebook as it leads the charge to bring internet access to underdeveloped countries is staggering.

Do you post your music and promotional videos on Facebook?


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