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Garth Brooks Promised Something Special, Instead He Launched GhostTunes

Buy-nowAfter promising Garth Brooks' fans their "own version of social media", yesterday Brooks unveiled GhostTunes. The digital music store allows rights holders to sell music as digital singles, albums or bundles. In addition to downloads it provides a content locker for streaming from devices. Specials on digital music bundles should be expected in coming months. But it's not the special warm and fuzzy Garth Brooks place Brooks promised.

The big news in the GhostTunes launch announcement is that Garth Brooks is now selling his music digitally but you'll still have to buy it by the album except for a promo single for the new album.

All that mad love, it's us against the world, it's our special little place, it's us against them, etc. he was talking? That's not what this is about.

GhostTunes is a new digital music store with a content locker. You're likely to see some great digital bundle deals in coming months.

According to the official announcement:

Garth Brooks is the founder. The launch features a special on music by Garth Brooks. It's a great special especially given that he's never been officially available digitally:

"#GarthGoesDigital with a mega bundle including all eight iconic studio albums digitally updated, the new double live 25th Anniversary Edition featuring 30 songs along with 30 videos, an instant download of the new single, "People Loving People" and the bonus track, "Send 'Em On Down The Road.""

"Other songs from Garth's upcoming album will automatically arrive in a user's GhostTunes locker as they become available prior to the arrival of the complete digital album on Black Friday, as well as an additional 2015 Garth Brooks album. The entire bundle of Garth Brooks music today and pre-order of upcoming albums arriving later this year and next is available for a limited-time on for $29.99."

If you don't like that, there's always Iggy Azalea or any of a wide range of major label artists across all genres whose music you can buy.

You'll have a convenient digital locker and the ability to immediately stream or download your purchases.

I assume a social element is planned since Brooks emphasized that in his early statements but I don't see anything about that at the current time.

So what initially sounded like a special place for Garth Brooks fans with a total D2F focus is a new digital music store fronted by Garth Brooks.


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