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Goodbye June Wins 2014 Unsigned Only Songwriting Competition

UNSIGNED ONLYThe Unsigned Only Music Competition has announced its list of winners for the 2014 edition of the songwriting competition.  The overall Grand Prize for 2015 goes to the up-and-coming Nashville band Goodbye June for their song “Daisy.” The winners $10,000 cash and additional merchandise, as well as the opportunity to to be mentored by a slew of record company professionals, including Presidents and senior executives from Universal Republic, Sire, Elektra, Atlantic, Warner Bros., Capitol, Sub Pop, Big Machine, Roc Nation, Virgin, Word, American Recordings, and Minty Fresh.

The winners for this year's contest were judged by a roster of journalists and artists such as Of Monsters And Men, Rosanne Cash, Mike Posner, John Oates, Dustin Lynch, Anthony DeCurtis (Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone), among numerous others.

The complete list of 2014 Unsigned Only winners is as follows:


Goodbye June (Nashville, TN, USA) – “Daisy”


First Place
Airport Impressions (Ix-Xghajra, Malta) “Berlin”

Second Place
Sam Eliot (London, England) – “Believe”

Honorable Mention
Canon Logic (Brooklyn, NY, USA) – “Crocodile”
Cultfever (Brooklyn, NY, USA) – “Knew You Well”
Flashbulb Fires (Denver, CO, USA) – “Unseen Things”
Late Night Poets (Auckland, New Zealand) – “My Darling”
Mike Mains & The Branches (Owosso, MI, USA) – “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”
Nakia (Austin, TX, USA) – “Make Up With A Gun”
Ships Have Sailed (Los Angeles, CA, USA) – “Midnight”
The Brevet (Irvine, CA, USA) – “Moving Mountains”
The Never Ever (Sydney, NSW, Australia) – “In Or Out”
Wesley Jensen And The Penny Arcade (Redding, CA, USA) – “Some Days”


First Place
The Luck (London, England) – “Muscles And Bones”

Second Place
Robyn Dell'Unto (Mississauga, ON, Canada) – “Side Car”

Honorable Mention
Chris And Cheryl (Rabat, Malta) – “Calling Out My Name”
Cindy Gomez (Mississauga, ON, Canada) – “Immune To Love”
Lena Fayre (Los Angeles, CA, USA) – “Everybody’s In”
Ratham Stone (Orlando, FL, USA) – “Bang Bang”
Sarah Packiam (Miami, FL, USA) – “Silly Little Love Songs”
Sarah Peacock (Nashville, TN, USA) – “Beautiful”
Ships Have Sailed (Los Angeles, CA, USA) – “Midnight”
The Score (New York, NY, USA) – “Don’t Wanna Wake Up”
Tom Dobson (Bristol, CT, USA) – “Back On Top Of The World”


First Place
You Me & Apollo (Fort Collins, CO, USA) – “I Don’t Want To Be Loved”

Second Place
Gena Rose Bruce (Melbourne, VIC, Australia) – “Jackson”

Honorable Mention
Carl Wirkkala (Castle Rock, WA, USA) – “Goodbye Comin”
Dan Livingston (Lexington, NY, USA) – “The Road Home (Jackson’s Song”)
Grant Maloy Smith (Wakefield, RI, USA) – “Down The Wishing Well”
Gretta Ziller (Melbourne, VIC, Australia) – “Rust & Bones”
Hicks (Saltsjo-Boo, Sweden) – “Unreachable Dream”
Jesse Terry (Stonington, CT, USA) – “Don’t Let Me Fall For You”
Jesse Terry (Stonington, CT, USA) – “Stay Here With Me”
Miles Calder & The Rumours (Wellington, New Zealand) – “The Avenue”
Rebecca Haviland and Whiskey Heart (White Plains, NY, USA) – “Black Dog”
Syre & Fresko (Melbourne, VIC, Australia) – “Ruth”
The Brevet (Irvine, CA, USA) – “Moving Mountains”
The Whiskey Farm (Madison, WI, USA) – “If I Were You”


First Place
Nate Miller (Los Angeles, CA, USA) – “The Darkest Spaces”

Second Place
Aaron Buchholz (Langley, BC, Canada) – “Circles”

Honorable Mention
Attaboy (Huntington, IN, USA) – “Unshaken”
Ben Woodward (Roseville, CA, USA) – “Where Hope Comes Alive”
Chelsea Amber (Halifax, NS, Canada) – “Diamond In The Rough”
Jared Wood (Frisco, TX, USA) – “Forevermore”
Jennifer Holloran (Orlando, FL, USA) – “Come On Home”
Jonathan Jackson (Greenville, IN, USA) – “Awake”
Leah (Oklahoma City, OK, USA) – “Awaken Me”
Marcy Priest (Oklahoma City, OK, USA) – “Your Love”
Mikey Moore (Silverdale, WA, USA) – “Saving Grace”
Ryan Bell (Houston, TX, USA) – “Chasing Daylight”
Zion Harmonizers (New Orleans, LA, USA) – “People Get Ready”


First Place
The Morrison Brothers Band (Washington, DC, USA) – “Little Miss Whiskey”

Second Place
Jenny Tolman (Brentwood, TN, USA) – “Damn Cigarettes”

Honorable Mention
Anthony Mossburg (Columbus, OH, USA) – “Whiskey & Wine”
Brad Cunningham (Columbia, MO, USA) – “Wings”
Breaking Southwest (McKinney, TX, USA) – “Breathe”
Casey Barnes (Kingscliff, NSW, Australia) – “Flesh & Bone”
Fairchild Brothers (Toronto, ON, Canada) – “I Have Your Touch”
Heather Longstaffe (Winnipeg, MB, Canada) – “Love You Back To Life”
Kaylee Bell (Waimate, New Zealand) – “Little Bit Small”
Lindsey Erin (York, PA, USA) – “Up In Smoke Ft.Jason Wyatt (The Lost Trailers)”
Mike Biggar (Rothesay, NB, Canada) – “Better Men”


First Place
Danielle Deckard (Vineland, NJ, USA) – “I Lied”

Second Place
Late Night Poets (Auckland, New Zealand) – “My Darling”

Honorable Mention
Altitudes (Nashville, TN, USA) – “I’m Feeling Fine”
Big Little Lions (Royston, BC, Canada) – “The Way Home”
Brittney Bouchard (Orlando, FL, USA) – “I Will Be Yours”
Covey (London, England) – “Comes And Goes”
Evan Bourque (Vancouver, BC, Canada) – “Hey New Love”
Korby Lenker (Twin Falls, ID, USA) – “My Little Life”
Mike Stocksdale (Los Angeles, CA, USA) – “Known Better”
Scott Richmond (Regina, SK, Canada) – “You’ll Be In My Heart”
The Bicycle Mob (Los Angeles, CA, USA) – “Bursting Into Life”
The Brilliancy (Windsor, ON, Canada) – “Not Over You Just Yet”
The Royal Foundry (Sherwood Park, AB, Canada) – “Run Back”
Will Dailey (Boston, MA, USA) – “Higher Education”


First Place
Willa (Vancouver, BC, Canada) – “Criminal”

Second Place
Asha Sing (Miami, FL, USA) – “Mercy”

Honorable Mention
Stephanie K (Detroit, MI, USA) – “Breaking Up”
Ginger And The Ghost (Sydney, NSW, Australia) – “Call Up The Whales”
Aylin & The Lucky Charms (Constanta, Romania) – “Chemistry”
Natania Lalwani (Mumbai, India) – “Electrolove”
Lena Fayre (Los Angeles, CA, USA) – “Everybody's In”
Kittens Of The Internet (Auckland, New Zealand ) – “Living The Dream”
Ships Have Sailed (Los Angeles, CA, USA) – “Midnight”
Lili Kendall (Brisbane, QLD, Australia) – “Move”
Fieu (Brisbane, QLD, Australia) – “Put It On The Line”
Maggie Szabo (Dundas, ON, Canada) – “Tidal Waves And Hurricanes”
MZ Diggy Dulche (Columbus, OH, USA) – “Time Is Money”
Alkira (Melbourne, VIC, Australia) – “Undone”


First Place
Allan Rayman (Toronto, ON, Canada) – “LA/NY/CHI (Monopoly)”

Second Place
Nuela Charles (Edmonton, AB, Canada) – “Unfortunate Love”

Honorable Mention
Apollo Poetry (Phoenix, AZ, USA) – “Celebrate”
Charles Coleman (Brooklyn, NY, USA) – “Love Jones”
Eastern Sunz (Portland, OR, USA) – “Plans”
Evan Barlow (Richmond, VA, USA) – “Triumphant Ft. Mcbeth”
HAITHAM (Calgary, AB, Canada) – “Change A Thing”
Immaculate (Armstrong, BC, Canada) – “Counting Wolves”
Kyle Bent (Boston, MA, USA) – “I'mma Do Me”
Mark Brathwaite (Toronto, ON, Canada) – “Rain”
Name UL (Wellington, New Zealand) – “Pa Do Ra”
Ray (London, England) – “Rock-A-Bye”
(RAS) Riders Against the Storm (Austin, TX, USA) – “Holy Water”
Tia P (Inglewood, CA, USA) – “In A Perfect World”
Trigga & Semi (Anchorage, AK, USA) – “Booming”
Zyon Gooden (Fayetteville, NC, USA) “Love Games”


First Place
King No-One (York, England) – “Millennium”” Se

cond Place
Canon Logic (Brooklyn, NY, USA) – “Runaway”

Honorable Mention
Beauty Contest (Montreal, QC, Canada) – “Anyhow”
Dear Adeline (Surrey, BC, Canada) – “One Day”
Drew McTaggart (Vancouver, BC, Canada) – “I Heard I Had”
Kid Zeus (Sydney, NSW, Australia) – “Rabbit Suit”
Magnetic Clouds (Katowice, Poland) – “Fly Away”
Red Empire (Dublin, Ireland) – “Small Mercies”
Sam Eliot (London, England) – “Believe”
Talltails (Gold Coast, QLD, Australia) – “The Long Arm”
The Golden Dogs (Toronto, ON, Canada) – “Do It For You”
Veludo (Melbourne, VIC, Australia) – “Indigo”
Von Pariahs – (Nantes, France) – “At The Fairground”
Will Dailey (Boston, MA, USA) – “Lookout Johnny”


First Place
Lili Kendall (Brisbane, QLD, Australia) – “Move”

Second Place
Ray Goren (Los Angeles, CA, USA) – “Save My Soul”

Honorable Mention
Danielle Marie (Edmonton, AB, Canada) – “Mad Kicks”
Emilia de Leur (Upplands Väsby, Sweden) – “One Thing”
HANA (Cardiff, Wales) – “L.O.V.E.”
Jenny Tolman (Brentwood, TN, USA) – “Damn Cigarettes”
Kathryn Dean (San Diego, CA, USA) – “You Wish She Was Me”
Lena Fayre (Los Angeles, CA, USA) – “Love Burning Alive”
Lyric Dubee (Barrie, ON, Canada) – “They Say”
Sam Verlinden (Auckland, New Zealand) – “A Million Reasons”
Sharp Turn Ahead (Laguna Beach, CA, USA) – “Just For You”
Straalen (Gold Coast, QLD, Australia) – “1-2-3”
Victoria Celestine (San Antonio, TX, USA) – “Crazy”
Whitney Lusk (Spanish Fork, UT, USA) – “I Wanna Know”


First Place
Lindsey Harper (Los Angeles, CA, USA) – “Electricity”

Second Place
Liam Burrows – Sydney, NSW, Australia – “Skylark”

Honorable Mention
Alex Hahn & The Blue Riders (Sydney, NSW, Australia) – “I’d Rather Go Blind”
Andrea Pais (Belgaum, India) – “Chasing Forever”
Anthony Mossburg (Columbus, OH, USA) – “After All”
Curtis & Reinhard (Hoboken, NJ, USA) – “No Nothing”
Danielle Deckard (Vineland, NJ, USA) – “I Lied”
Jon Henninger (Mount Vernon, IL, USA) – “I Find You”
Joshua Carswell (Raleigh, NC, USA) – “I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry”
Liam Burrows (Sydney, NSW, Australia) – “Never Fallen In Love So Easily Before”
Maggie Szabo (Dundas, ON, Canada) – “Tidal Waves And Hurricanes”
Sophie Hanlon (Sydney, NSW, Australia) – “My Dark Crusade”
Victoria Celestine (San Antonio, TX, USA) – “Crazy”
Vladislav Kurasov (Kiev, Ukraine) – “Hallelujah”


Vladislav Kurasov (Kiev, Ukraine) – “Hallelujah”


The Bicycle Mob (Los Angeles, CA, USA) – “Bursting Into Life”

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