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Grooveshark Removed From Google Chromecast After RIAA Complaint

image from www.hypebot.comIt's been less than a month since Grooveshark was approved for streaming via Google's hot Chromecast platform.  At the time of the announcement we wondered if it was a sign that the often-sued Grooveshark was finally gaining acceptance within the main stream music and tech industries.  Apparently not.  Yesterday Google yanked Grooveshark from Chromecast after an alleged complaint by the RIAA.

image from"After a jointly approved press release from Grooveshark, we were notified by Google [that] our app was suspended for Terms of Service of compliance, a Grooveshark spokesperson told Next Web. "This was a surprise, as we believe we’ve done more than is required to comply as we fostered this compatibility."

Google is not commenting. But Grooveshark is fighting to be reinstated, and has offered to "provide any and all proof of our extensive licensing, and of our commitment to strict compliance with all applicable laws, including DMCA notice & takedown compliance similar to YouTube and others available via Chromecast."

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