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Gumroad Launches Mobile App Giving Fans That Buy Your Music Easier Access

Gumroad-appGumroad is a popular ecommerce option that allows you to sell digital goods just about anywhere. But up till now fans didn't have an easy way to take their collection in the Gumroad Library mobile. Now Gumroad's brought the process full circle with an app for listeners that lets them automatically go mobile with their Gumroad purchases allowing them to listen, watch and read as they wish.

Gumroad has quite a history already as an ecommerce solution from serious funding to major label artist adoption to partnering with Twitter for their new Buy button.

According to a Gumroad email they now work with "more than 10,000 individual musicians, filmmakers, authors, artists, designers, developers, and other creators around the world selling more than 150,000 products."

Along the way they've been iterating their service and their blog is a good way to get a sense of the ongoing development of features designed for creators.

Some of these features are designed to improve the path from purchase to listening experience which is really important for the people selling things. For example, in July they introduced the Listen feature that allows for immediate streaming after purchase which includes mobile.

Gumroad's New Mobile App

Gumroad-LibraryNow Gumroad takes one's Library, the collection of content purchased via Gumroad, and makes it mobile so your fans have even easier access to your music with their first iOS app with Android to follow.

Here are some of the details of the app shared with me:

When buying on mobile from a site or social network account using Gumroad, fans have the option to listen now (as described above), listen in the app or, if they don't have the app, they're given the option to download it.

The Library automatically syncs which not only includes adding new content but also updates content that changes or is subscription based with new content.

Gumroad's mobile ready content now includes "more than 8,000 films + videos; 35,000 books + comics; and 15,000 music products."

CEO Sahil Lavingia has more on Gumroad's new app.


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