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More Competition: WiMP To Launch Hi-Fi Music Streamer TIDAL In US, UK

image from photos.prnewswire.comScandinavian based streaming music service WiMP has announced that it will enter the already crowded US and UK markets this fall with a a competitor its calling TIDAL.  On top of all of the features one would expect in a music streamer, TIDAL adds high fidelity sound quality, high definition music videos, and curated music editorial.

But higher quality comes at a higher price.

TIDAL will launch in the U.S. and the UK at a monthly subscription of $19.99 / £19.99, roughly twice that of most music streamers. 

"Initially, streaming was all about access to everything, everywhere, which many services now provide," said CEO Andy Chen.TIDAL is not just another one of those providers. Instead, it is about the ultimate music experience that makes you want to stop and listen. Rather than remaining in the background to some other activity, music deserves to take center stage with quality at its heart."

TIDAL will launch with a library of 25 million-plus tracks, streaming at more than twice the bit rate of competitive services. TIDAL subscribers will also be able to watch more than 75,000 high definition music videos ad-free. 

TIDAL's editors hand pick and spotlight music across all genres and provide:

  • image from photos.prnewswire.comAlbum spotlights such as Album of The Week, Classical Album of the Month, and HiFi Album of The Month
  • Playlists with a mission to educate, entertain, and enrich the music experience via in-depth knowledge
  • Close-ups on artists, labels, sub-genres, and historical eras
  • Weekly playlists that present highlights from this week's news and top recommended tracks
  • Weekly artist interviews, magazine features, and daily magazine articles

Early sign up is here.

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