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Music Apps Hit App Annie’s Top 10 iOS and Google Play Revenue Charts

App_annie_logoLots of music action happening in the app scene. App Annie, the leading source for world app stats, takes a look at August and finds that music apps are doing great. News seems to be spreading about this most recent report with the emphasis on in-app purchases on apps from publishers Pandora, Spotify and Apple. That same chart also includes Smule while the larger report includes other interesting moves.

August In-App Revenue Ranking Chart

The focus of news coverage regarding App Annie's worldwide report for August is on the success of streaming music apps from Pandora, Spotify and Apple. Since App Annie organizes by publisher, they're attributing Apple's chart moves partly to Beats Music though Apple has 34 apps included in that chart ranking.

Since App Annie isn't breaking out a separate ranking for Beats Music (it's an app not a publisher), we should probably focus on the fact that Pandora and Spotify apps are making that in-app money if we're talking about the success of streaming music:

Top Companies by Revenue – iOS Apps

2) Pandora with 1 app

7) Spotify with 2 apps

8) Smule with 10 apps

9) Apple with 34 apps

Top Companies by Revenue – Google Play Apps

2) Pandora with 2 apps

So this sounds like good news for streaming music in an increasingly mobile world as well as for these app publishers:

"Currently, the Beats Music and Pandora user bases are predominantly in the United States, and Spotify does not yet offer in-app purchases on its Google Play app. This leaves plenty of room for all of three of these apps to grow in the future."

Smule wasn't mentioned by other writers because its music apps are viewed more as games and don't directly impact on the future of streaming music. But I'm impressed to see them in the top 10.

Other Music-Related App News

TV singing competition "The Voice of China" helped at least two app publishers hit the top 10 for downloads pushing the Tencent Video app higher in the top 10 iOS downloads chart and Alibaba Group into the top 10 iOS app companies.

Free Music Download, an iOS app allowing you to download unlimited tracks from SoundCloud that are ok'd for free download, launched near the end of July. In August, they entered the top 10 iOS apps worldwide chart at no. 8.


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