New Value In Trading A Song For An Email Address


With album sales, broadcast radio, and many other mainstream revenue sources for artists fading quickly into "has beens", we are being forced into a new era of networking & promotion. Every conversation, connection, and follow up communication is an opportunity to engage your current audience and reach new fans. Are you taking every opportunity to cultivate connections? If you haven't utilized incentivized email capture at your most recent performances, this article is a great starting point for your future endeavors. 

There is value in information. You don't need to have a full engineering team running data grabs, you just have to be smart in your efforts to obtain it. Running small scale campaigns that exchange email addresses for free song downloads when you have a new album to announce to recent show attendees. I saw a band at Floyd Fest two years ago who directed the audience to follow them on Facebook for info on their newest album. I did, and I've since downloaded that album and the one they released a few months ago. They made a lifetime fan out of me – are you missing the opportunity to do the same? Jumpstart your outreach with these tips from Ken Dardis on MusicThinkTank.com

"Look around at what you have to work with today; fewer artists are getting broadcast radio play, song sales have crashed because music is everywhere, and merchandising is weak (except for those few major acts receiving major label support). It’s a different world needing a different approach, and requiring different expectations."

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