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Radio Still King Of The Roads As In-Auto Digital Music Stalls [CHARTS]

image from www.oldcaraudio.netDigtal music consumption, whether via iTunes or music streaming services ranging from Pandora to Spotify is soaring, but strangely listening to music in the car is still driven by old-shool technology. More than 50% of Americans listen to AM/FM radio in there car almos every, and 86% listen it at least some of the time, according Edison Research. Only 13% listen to music in the car via digital device and 15% still prefer CDs.


Charts by Statista via the Wall Steet Journal


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  1. The median age of a car, according to Wikipedia, is 10.8 years old. This suggests that the technology to stream or play digital tracks is not a feature most cars on the road today have. The Pew Research Center for Journalistic Excellence (PEJ) reports that talk/news radio is a more popular format than adult contemporary/pop music. And while PEJ states that the majority of Americans still report listening to AM/FM radio, as many as 40% percent now listen to audio on digital devices, and that is projected to double by 2015.

  2. I think digital music streaming from a smartphone/iPod to a car will become more popular once new vehicles include integrated dashboard areas for phones to plug in, auto charge and sit.
    With all the tech available it seems quite clumsy having an ugly wire linking phone and radio.
    CD usage is a surprise though!

  3. So the cars are ruled by youth. The fight starts with who’s music is played and parents just say, F*it well turn on the radio. Or it’s parents thinking their rocking out the playlist and kids say NO more and parent hits radio button. The CD’s still work and ever single gas station and truckstop still carries them so when you phone overheated and mapping streaming and phone all shut down. You stop and there it is the CD waiting for you to pick it up.

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