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Samsung Debuts Gear VR With New Vevo Music Video Viewing Experience

Samsung-gear-vrSamsung today unveiled its Samsung Galaxy Gear VR, a mobile virtual reality headset, that Samsung is making it clear is intended as a media consumption device. Gear VR will initially be available in the fall with premium content as samples of what's possible. Vevo's going in full force with their music video collection but, more importantly, a new viewing experience as well. Though exactly what Vevo's approach will be is still unclear, accessible VR headsets could make things like livestreaming music concerts a lot more viable as commercial endeavors.

Today Samsung unveiled the Samsung Gear VR with virtual reality tech from Oculus, a leading VR company now owned by Facebook.

The mobile virtual reality headset is wireless and is powered by a connection to Samsung's new Galaxy Note 4 mobile phone. The Gear VR as well as a Gear VR Innovator Edition are expected to be available in the fall.

The Gear VR will initially include premium content from such sources as IMAX, DreamWorks VR and Cirque du Soleil Media.

Vevo is the first official music partner with "more than 100,000 HD music videos, live concert events and original programming that can be enjoyed in an immersive, full-screen theater experience on Samsung Gear VR."

Vevo Promises More Than A Mobile Screen

An announcement from Vevo promises more than the typical music video experience:

image from"When we took on this opportunity, we threw out the user experience playbook and re-thought how people could experience music videos. We challenged ourselves to think outside the box. The result – why not put music videos in an immersive, full screen theater experience?"

"So, we designed Vevo on Gear VR to be a new way to fully engage in music videos. It’s so different, I am convinced it will transform how music videos are created and experienced."

"Imagine putting on your Gear VR, launching the Vevo app and finding yourself transported to the Apollo Theater in New York City, where Pharrell is performing live in front of you. Now, you understand our goal for Vevo on Gear VR."

The livestreaming potential seems particularly strong at this point if indeed it is as new a viewing experience as promised. Livestreams just can't give one the feeling of being there at a concert on a flat screen. Accessible VR might open up livestreaming as well as totally new approaches that could also create new revenue streams.

Bonus: Engadget goes hands-on.


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