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Snapchat and Instagram Music Marketing Action With Alesso, Fall Out Boy and Etienne de Crécy

Tear-roof-upSnapchat is becoming a more serious marketing tool especially as they introduce new features. In fact, they seem to have a strong relationship with EDM artists and both sides benefit from the resulting press when an artist uses Snapchat for promoting new work as Alesso is doing this week. In contrast Instagram was always a little more promotion friendly and that continues with artists like Fall Out Boy and Etienne de Crécy taking advantage of, respectively, the new Hyperlapse app and everyone's favorite, the hashtag.

Alesso Continues The Snapchat Marketing Affair With EDM

Snapchat's ephemerality, the original feature allowed you to send a pic that then disappeared, and focus on one-to-one communication initially kept it from being taken up for marketing purposes. But, as Snapchat has added new features, marketing on Snapchat is growing more common. In fact, Snapchat and EDM djs/producers seem to be working hand-in-hand these days.

In March Afrojack used Snapchat Stories, 10 second clips that stayed up for 24 hours, to market a new album.

Our EDC Story

In June Tiësto and Snapchat launched the Our Story feature, shown above, at Electric Daisy Carnival.

Now Alesso's going to premiere a new music video using Snapchat. The buildup should give the star EDM dj and producer a bunch more Snapchat followers.

Note that the video will then be released a half hour later on Vevo. So there's the special Snapchat event for insiders of a sort and then it's made available to the masses.

Instagram Video Action With Fall Out Boy and Etienne de Crécy

We're starting to see more new music videos using Instagram's Hyperlapse app.

Brian Anthony Hernandez rounded up some examples including this from Fall Out Boy:

Fall Out Boy – Centuries (Hyperlapse Edition)

House producer Etienne de Crécy is taking a more social approach with Hashtag My Ass which puts your Instagram pics on album covers for a music video promoting his new album "SuperDiscount3."

Resulting videos are being posted to de Crécy's SuperDiscount3 YouTube account.


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