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Stripe Powering Facebook’s Buy Button Tests

LogoStripe is becoming omnipresent as a partner in new social and mobile payment systems. They offer an integration with the upcoming Apple Pay and are also one of a small group of companies partnering with Twitter on their buy button. Facebook began testing a buy button back in July but it's only come out this week that Stripe is going solo, at least for this testing period, in powering Facebook's buy button. Given Stripe's integrations into a wide range of platforms and ecommerce services, it's worth a look if you're considering options for your music site or business.

image from s1.ibtimes.comI started this post thinking Stripe was the one with the mobile credit card reader that got so many music merch sellers excited when it came out but that was the Square Reader. By the way, the actual reader is available for free so if you all need now is a way to take credit cards at shows, check that out.

That confusion led me to discover Stripe's many integrations including a whole range of mobile and card readers.

And if you're one of the few interested in PayPal's new Bitcoin partners, then you'll find it of interest that Stripe is also getting in though both companies are taking it step by step.

Stripe and Mobile/Social Payments

As more ecommerce goes mobile and social, with people being offered things to buy on social media platforms and ways to pay while on the go, the fact that Stripe is becoming a major player in tying things together speaks well for its future status.

The announcement of Apple Pay made it clear that Apple will likely be a big player in payments. Stripe's got an integration for that and is featured as one of six payment partners by Apple.

Twitter's buy button, which I think is where this news gets really interesting, includes Stripe in a group of four testing partners.

And now it turns out that Facebook's buy button tests are being solely powered by Stripe.

At this point it's hard to say how long it will be before Facebook launches its buy button and who it will be available to when it does launch. There may be other payment partners as well and this all may take a while.

But the power of social and mobile payments will only grow as the big boys instutionalize them. And finding the right payment partners for you and your music business moving forward, whether as a performer or entrepreneur, will be one important piece of the puzzle.


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