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The Cyber PR Guide to Creating an Effective Music Marketing Plan (Part 1 of 3)

Bigstock-Website-Wireframe-Sketch-On-Di-54511382-300x200We live in a digitally saturated world. If you're not utilizing the tools that you have at your disposal to enhance the 360 degrees of your digital presence, you're missing out significantly on web traffic, publicity opportunities, and the chance to reach and engage new fans. Cyber PR has worked with many artists in various stages of their careers – over the many years they've done so, they've seen the same problems repeat themselves: the majority of artists aren't fully utilizing digital marketing tools. 

The importantance of a website (social media pages are not an acceptable substitute) with updated and engaging content cannot be overstated. This is where you have full control over how to establish your image. Using platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. are key in reaching today's music industry. Learn more about how to create an effective music marketing plan with Chris Hacker of Cyber PR on

"Especially in today’s saturated climate where even small music blogs are getting inundated with hundreds of emails a day from artists looking for coverage, just making an album and then wanting to “get some press”, is not enough of a plan. An artist needs to be working many different angles and taking many different approaches to get seen and heard."

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