“Thinking Music” vs. “Emotional Music”: Two Different Kinds of Music Listening Experience

Groove-and-soothe-2[We're reposting this from yesterday due to a faulty link.]

Are you someone who likes to listen to music while you work? Do you have a different playlist for the drive home and another for once you've arrived? I do. I find there to be a significant divide between music I can "think" to and music that results in emoting – turns out I'm not the only one. Alex Tiuniaev is sharing his account of the two very different listening experiences and helps to identify the types of music that leaves you uninspired vs. the sounds that leave you longing for more. 

Already, you're likely able to call to memory several all time favorite songs that will never get old. In the same regard, I bet you can think of more than a handful of songs you could do without. We experience both sides of music listening on a daily basis – even if only subconsciously. We watch and hear commercial advertisements, we see street musicans, we go to live shows, listen to our iPods, our radios, and we experience each one of those scenarios differently. Join the conversation on MusicThinkTank.com and explors how and why the music moves you. 

"This is by no means a black-or-white world. There are thousands of records that have the characteristics of both of these categories in various proportions. The best music, to me, is the one that has both the “emotional” and the “thinking” components; and all of the above examples, of course, do contain both – it is just that one of the parts prevails over another. And it’s up to the listener to decide which one."

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