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This Is My Jam’s Slow Music Movement Gets Deeper And More Social

Fleetwood-mac-best-jams-This Is My Jam has managed to develop from its core concept of picking one song at a time to share with friends (slow music) to something more complex without losing that core concept. This Is My Jam now powers Spotify playlists and has a variety of discovery elements for digging through its treasure trove of song picks. A new feature now makes all one's past picks available for browsing, with additional pages for each song, growing both the discovery and the social elements of This Is My Jam without undermining its focus.

Last week This Is My Jam officially introduced their approach to the "song graph" with individual posting histories that link through to individual song pages. In addition, a few crowd curated pages for artists were tossed in for fun.

So you have individual profiles with nice looking song badges. These build on the social network element of following.

Individual song pages include people who have picked the song as well as suggestions for further songs.

Artist pages also feature song badges whick link through to the song pages tying it all together.

This Is My Jam's basic decision to allow only one song per person to be chosen at a time helps ensure an organic curation process that emphasizes quality over quantity. But that process creates a large quantity of picks and This Is My Jam is successfully making those browsable and, in effect, scaling quality curation.

It works well in a way that companies like Twitter can't by giving up high speed growth for something more consistent in its approach.


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