ToneDen Adds Social Features and Downloads For SoundCloud Follows To Music Marketing Platform

Toneden-logoToneDen has come quite a ways since launching out of beta in February. The site offers a number of features like EPKs and artist profile pages plus tools like embeddable music players. In August they added community features including a social feed and then followed this month with a "follow on SoundCloud for free download" feature.

With 15,000+ artists on the platform, ToneDen is proving its relevance as a music marketing platform. The team seems to be doing a nice job of iterating the product while responding both to what they're seeing on the site and what they see happening with other services doing related things.

The biggest news of late is the addition of community features including a social feed demoed in the video below:

ToneDen – A New Community For Producers

Though not limited to electronic music, ToneDen comes out of that space and continues to offer features particularly relevant to electronic musicians.

Given that SoundCloud is particularly important in that scene as well as in some other genres, ToneDen triggers an automatic follow on SoundCloud when you're followed on ToneDen.

In addition they make two important points:

"Every post you make reaches 100% of your followers."

"You avoid competing against non-music related entities for attention."


Follow on SoundCloud to Download

Earlier this month ToneDen introduced a free download for a SoundCloud follow feature partly in response to Facebook's banning of Like's for downloads. It features a landing page as in the Hunter Siegel campaign shown above.


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