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TuneCore Can Now Submit Your Music To Facebook Audio Recognition

Tunecore-logoTunecore is adding a new artist service. You can now have your music submitted to Facebook audio recognition which will recognize your music in the background and offer the opportunity for listeners to post about you. Tunecore also added a members' discount on TwitMusic services so you can now do more with both Twitter and Facebook.

TuneCore's addition of Facebook audio recognition to their Artist Services portal is well worth noting. It's still making its way into the world but it's an interesting concept:

"Facebook audio recognition makes it easy for Facebook users to share the songs they're listening to. If the feature is turned on, then songs picked up by their microphone will be matched using audio recognition and the user can choose to add the song to a status or wall post – complete with song name, cover art and artist name."

"TuneCore Artists now have the option to add their music to Facebook, providing artists yet another channel to get more of their music heard by more fans. "

You can find out a bit more on TuneCore's Artist Services portal:

"Add Facebook one-time, with the cost based on your current number of releases active with TuneCore Music Distribution. After you add Facebook, then whenever you release more music with TuneCore, we’ll send your new music automatically to Facebook, at no additional cost. It takes about a week for your music to be available in Facebook."

I'll update with more on pricing when I get that. Actually the above is all they'll tell me about pricing.

Noting that Facebook and Twitter are key music marketing tools, TuneCore also announced the addition of TwitMusic to their member discount program.


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  1. So let me get this straight. I’m in my home maybe on FB, maybe here on HypeBot posting, and all the while FB and Tunecore are monitoring my computer audio connection to see if any music is playing and then sending some kind of push notification to me to perhaps share on FB this particular song. Got it…

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