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Vinyl News: Video of Zero Freitas, Renegades of Rhythm, Nashville for Vinyl Capital

Afrika-bambaataa-tourThe love of vinyl can be a powerful thing. It caused that guy in Brazil to try to corner the market yet he seems relatively sane in a video from CNN of his operation. DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist are on tour with vinyl dug from the crates of Afrika Bambaataa himself. Nashville has been dubbed the capital of vinyl. They get my vote for pizza with vinyl on the side. Which leaves us wondering. Where does United Record Pressing get those presses?

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The Love Of Vinyl Is An Obsession

That Brazilian guy with all the vinyl, you know the one, Zero Freitas. He had an awesome feature in the NY Times Magazine about a month ago.

Now you can get a closer look at the operation from warehouse to data entry via CNN video.

DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist Renegades of Rhythm Tour

The above shaky video makes me think the Renegades of Rhythm Tour, currently in progress, would be a great show to see.

Wax Poetics has an interview with DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist about digging through Afrika Bambaataa's crates, which is kind of nuts in and of itself, and the process of putting together a historical show for a popular audience.

Nashville: Capital of Vinyl

Edward Helmore dubs Nashville the "capital of vinyl" due to the presence of such serious entities as United Record Pressing and Third Man Records.

I wasn't fully convinced until I heard you can get pizza with vinyl on the side in Nashville. They get my vote!

But Where Do They Get The Presses?

With the addition of new presses, United Record Pressing should be able to put out 60,000 a day by next year. They've been able to add presses at a time when they are no longer being produced.

I was not surprised to read that "[Jay] Millar, director of marketing [at United Record Pressing], won't say where they found the presses."

Unless they came from really shady sources (highly unlikely) or sellers needed to keep the sale secret, my best guess is that there are more out there. Seek and ye shall find!


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