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What Artists Should Know About Next Big Sound

Key-MetricsIf you're music is readily available to streaming websites, odds are, you're getting air time you don't know about. In that air time, you may be reaching new fans you wouldn't know about unless you were assessing your exposure and reach through digital analytics. Next Big Sound provides you with the platform and the tools to track your growth on streaming services and social media. While it may not fully encompass the full span of digital media, the information you'll have access to is more than worth the time it takes to acquire. 

With Next Big Sound you can track the success of your efforts to engage your audience on multiple platforms all under the roof of a single platform. Once you know how your fans are interacting with your updates, you can curate content that sparks their interest and calls for action. How are you monitoring your digital outreach? What's working for you? What hasn't? Join the conversation with Brian Hazard on 

"Perhaps you don’t sell too many albums on iTunes, or have that many SoundCloud plays or YouTube views. But maybe, just maybe, your music is really popular in some far off corner of the digital universe you never even knew about, and all that “exposure” you’ve racked up over the years is paying off behind the scenes."

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