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Will Beats Play A Part In Today’s Apple Event? Not In The Way You Might Think

beats + AppleThe Apple rumor mill has been in overdrive – iWatches, bigger iPhones and much more have dominated online chatter for weeks.  But nothing – or almost nothing – has been tipped that includes Apple's $3 billion purchase Beats. We have heard that Beats Music will launch in Australia in the coming weeks.  Hardly radical news and downunder has proven to be a ridiculously competitive streaming music market.

And there has been some speculation that Beats co-founder could ple an unusual role in today's announcement.

The rumor is that Jimmy Iovine and Doctor Dre will be there not to launch radical new music products, but rather as symbols.  As Apple moves into wearable tech, Beats' dynamic duo will serve as proof that Apple is capable turning tech into fashion. It's what Beats did with an OK pair of headphones, and what Apple must do to make the iWatch (or whatever it is called) a hit.

My Bet

image from may be small announcements of integrations of Beats into the Apple eco-system – Beats Music and the Ian Rogers controlled iTunes Radio could be more deeply in iOS8, for example.  But I'm betting that beyond Beats as symbols for tech as fashion, you won't hear a lot new from Beats today. 

Sure, music, likely including some form U2, will play a huge part in today's atmospherics. But Apple is notorious for taking its time.  And today's stars are Tim Cook, the iPhone 6 and Apple's move into wearable tech – not Jimmy, Dre or Beats. 

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