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7 Quick Reminders To Improve Your CMJ Experience

CMJ 2014CMJ is happening right now and you are all probably overwhelmed. It's ok. If you are not there or if you are, you can use these things in every day life, but def for CMJ. 

       1. Be memorable – Everyone has something to pass out and a place to represent. What makes you different? If you are getting someone's contact, instead of passing a business card, maybe cut out paper squares with your number / email ? I usually just stack my email cards in OCD clutter, so that's why I don't have my own.

       2. Have a set email to email to go right away - I made a CMJ email with my link to Village Voice top hip hop acts, as well as my schedule and new video in case someone does daily blogging. If I don't do it then, I won't ever get to it. That is my experience.
       3. Hang out my the Free coffee – Free coffee is always a great thing to be at. It is free, you can share your love for coffee, and it's cheaper it's in broad day light. You also aren't competing for attention of other people in front of bands that are better than yours.
       4. Introduce yourself - Now is the time rather than randomly seeing someone and having a bad day during a rainy thursday in NYC. People are excited in the big apple. Even if you aren't , step it up and take advantage of the opportunity to meet new people. Some people never leave their hometowns so 
       5. Be concerned on how you can help others and not help yourself – As an artist you are always thinking of what to release or what press to get. Imagine if you helped someone get into a show or find their friends or borrow your phone charger so they can call their person they are raying with to let them in? Your life will be way more awesome
      6. Go to the front of the shows and buy merch – Bands are playing for free and it is painful enough as it is. Buy some merch, even if you are in a band. It is probably the next best thing you can do besides giving a homeless person something to eat.
      7. Search Hash tags- I know it's not the coolest thing to do but you'd be surprised on how many people you may meet up with from #hashtags. This goes for people who aren't in NYC as well.
Kosha Dillz is an awesome CMJ artist who is playing lots of shows and throwing a late night gig at Pianos from 1-4 am. You should also check out his super new dope rap dance jam In Da Club and see he was picked as one of the Top Hip Hop Acts to see at CMJ by Village Voice . Email him hello at rapperfriends(at) to meet up in NYC or hit him on twitter

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