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Boomio Announces Snapchat Style Mobile App for Music Sharing

Imgs1082-20141028_11-19-17_5Now entering the arena of countless social networks, Boomio is stepping forward. Reminiscent of Snapchat in the way it shares content, Boomio allows the sending of full length, fully licensed songs to large audiences or targeted groups with personalized messaging. The recipient will receive a notification otherwise known as a 'boom' – they'll be able to listen the track once before it 'blows up.' Now that the listener has had a chance to hear the track, they'll either be able to buy the song or share it with others for an additional play through. 

Inspired to better the laborious process of sharing music via Facebook that Seattle resident PJ Pedroni would watch his friends wrestle with, he ran with the idea for Boomio. They unveiled the mobile app today at Code/Mobile, taking the opportunity to showcase the app's functionality. 

“I just thought there must be a better way to share music. You can share songs on Spotify, kind of, if somebody else is a paid subscriber of Spotify, and so are you. You can certainly send clips of songs, but it’s not like getting the whole song,” said Pedroni. “So I developed this idea for Boomio, the first social music network. Like Instagram has done for photos and Facebook has done for friends and family, we want to do for music.”

Boomio knows that in order to be a key player in today's music industry, you cannot do it alone. That's why they've built integration with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for "crowd booms." Doing so allows artists and their listeners to take advantage of already established connections. They've also struck licensing agreements with Universal, Sony, and EMI allowing them to offer each label's catalog in their entirety. “This will give the artist an ability to promote a song that is protected and monetized,” said Pedroni.

Only time will tell their staying power in mobile app circuit, but for now, the folks at Boomio have their sights firmly set on moving onward and upwards.

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