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Could Clowdy Be The LinkedIn Of The Creative Industry?

Clowdy_logoClowdy, the online creative community platform, has announced the release o new features that could rival LinkedIn for the creative industry. Currently, you can upload unlimited content, connect with your fans and followers, collaborate with other creative contributors, and sell your media and/or distribute to other services. Clowdy recognizes that there are a lot of individuals who contribute to creative projects, so in a week's time, everyone who contributes to a project has the ability to be recognized. 

The founder of Clowdy understands the difference between what Linked in does for the business industry and what Clowdy can do for artists, so he's capitalizing on the opportunity to do better. By offering a platform where individuals can cultivate genuine professional connections with full recognition for their contributions, he's cracking the mold of cookie cutter online networking.

BxVvPiAIUAAncIOFor artistic professionals, a resume and a cover letter just doesn't serve. It is about project content, productions, and the pieces and parts that go into an outstanding end product. There's simply no way to illustrate that with words and numbers on a piece of paper - digitally, or otherwise. Can Clowdy rival LinkedIn? Maybe not yet, but they're certainly worth your time and consideration. 

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