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Grooveshark Introduces Grooveshark Presents

GI_69809_Grooveshark-Tile-OrangeDespite several ongoing legal battles with record labels, earlier this week, Grooveshark announced the launch of Grooveshark Presents, a new fan-sourced live music initiative. By tapping into their already established user base of over 30 million music fans, Grooveshark Presents is a way for Grooveshark to bring offline music events to their online audience. 

By consciously cultivating a network where content creators, broadcasters, and listeners can listen and discover music interactively, Grooveshark hopes to become a key player in the music streaming sector. "We seek to create a new standard for streaming music just as Netflix has done for Online TV viewers," said Sam Tarantino, Co-founder and CEO, Grooveshark. 

Main-qimg-466d2dba44e06eaf456241b2b255efd0Their aim is to bridge the gap between online streaming and live music experience by merging both of those pieces into one platform. Tarantino continues, “With Grooveshark Presents we are removing the significant risks promoters take in booking talent, simply by combining the intelligence gathered from our streaming platform with our unique ability to communicate with our listeners. Live events are in our DNA, as our heavily millennial listener base consumes music online, but spends on music offline. This is a significant step in how Grooveshark organically bridges artists and fans with technology."

Grooveshark Presents is set to launch on November 10th in Gainesville, Florida where Chicago-based electro chill artist Autograf will be showcased with the support of San Francisco's Happy Accidents and Gainesville's own Bells & Robes. This will mark the first time Grooveshark has actively utilized their online community and human-curated broadcasting to fully power a fan-sourced event. 

“We want to continue to organically foster a human-curated, rich way for listeners to discover music. Our mission with Grooveshark remains: to empower artists and fans around the world through technology,” said Jason Blate, Grooveshark’s VP of Events and Promotions.

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