How To Become a Digital Music Marketing Superhero

Smm superheroWith album sales on steady decline, being able to convert marketing into monetization is more important than ever. Of course you're pushing promos to social media, ads to targeted websites, and special offers to already engaged fans, but do you know which of those avenues are generating more revenue? GeoRiot's Conversion Score allows you to track the success of each individual campaign through iTunes

Employing time based decay algorithms and the analysis of multiple data sets, GeoRiot takes your web traffic and converts it into a measurable analysis of your marketing success. GeoRiot breaks down the data click for click allowing you to see where you're getting the most engagement and how that engagement scales in relation to your sales. If you're looking to up you're marketing game, GeoRiot should definitely be on your radar. Dig deeper with Jesse Lakes on MusicThinkTank.com

"With the conversion score activated Jim found that the band’s website was about 50% more effective than the label’s website in promoting the label.  Further, he found that Twitter was 3X more effective than Facebook while both significantly outperformed YouTube."

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