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iTunes 12.woe

Itunes12By Peter Getty from

Man, I loved iTunes (and, of course, the iPod) when it first came out. After toying with it for about two minutes, I knew I was done with my PC. I've treated my iTunes like an extremely exclusive club ever since, and I give its members the red carpet treatment. I go to some lengths to track down the best copies of the original artwork, the correct lyrics, the proper year of release and the composers – information that was left out or, in the case of release date and artwork, very often incorrect in digital purchases (including CD's). I am told, incidentally, by people who knows these things better than I do, that lyrics websites are notorious for malware and viruses and whatnot, but that’s another topic.

Anyway, yes; I was quite the avid curator. In a few cases, I went so far as to transfer songs into GarageBand and make my own edits when I thought I could improve them (being careful to note it, of course, when I put them back). I could spend hours a day at this, no joke. I figured out how to get the umlaut over the N in Spinal Tap and the pictographic arrow (as it is should appear) in Talking Heads' "Love Goes to a Building on Fire."

Now I fear I may have been too trusting with Apple. It might be the new phone (yes; I ran out and got the enormous new one), it might be this new Yosemite whatever I immediately installed the moment it appeared, because Apple, it might be the glitchy new iOS (it is whispered a new fix will be available soon). But my iTunes, on this phone at least is profoundly screwed up. The artwork I hunted the web for has been replaced with whatever Greatest Hits compilation came out most recently. Proper capitalization of song titles has reverted. Composers names have changed. Information about the Beatles has been replaced improperly. THE BEATLES


Did I click on something stupid without reading it? Did I place too much faith in Apple's ability to leave perfection alone? Might I possibly have a lemon iPhone? Or might this nightmare vanish when the new iOS comes out? I smelled trouble when that stupid "Genius" thing showed up. And the whole "cloud" pointlessness made all these baffling duplicates show up in my iTunes (apparently I can "hide" these, but not get rid of the damned things).

My old iTunes is mostly backed up — there are a few new purchases I've made — but be on the lookout for iTunes weirdness, and check your Beatles for new mistakes that weren't there.

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