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Jawbone Debuts Drop – A Twitter Based Playlist App, Shutters

Drop[UPDATED] Audio hardware maker Jawbone has debuted Drop. The app plays instant mix based on your favorite songs from Spotify or Rdio, and take song requests from your friends through Twitter.  Users reply back with a song they want to play. It appears to be based on which Jawbone acquired last year.  Playground's original site is now offline.

Drop was created using Twitter’s new Fabric SDK, which enables developers to more easily connect Twitter to other services – in this case Rdio or Spotify.

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So far the app is only available in iOS, Here is how Jawbone describes the free app:

"Whether you're hosting a party or listening solo, DROP by Jawbone plays the right music for you with just one touch.

Open the app and instantly achieve playlist bliss with an endless mix of music based on your favorite songs from Spotify or Rdio. Friends can seamlessly add new tracks to the mix by sending you a tweet with the name of the song they want to play… A paid subscription to Spotify Premium or Rdio is required for the free app."

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