Pandora Launches Free Fan Analytics Platform To All Artists

Pandora Amp(UPDATE 2) Pandora has opened its long anticipated analytics platform, Pandora AMP, to all artists and managers. The free service provides a detailed view of the audiences of 125,000+ artists on the hugely popular online radio service. Derived from tens of billions of hours of personalized listening, Pandora hopes that AMP will help artists, most of whom never receive traditonal broadcast radio play, to make decisions about touring, single selection, set lists, audience targeting and more.

Details & How To Sign Up

Select artists have had access to beta versions of the platform for months, but now any artist can sign up at no cost.  This screen shot shows a heat map and overview:

FINAL_AMP screenshot heat map

Updated daily, examples of the insights available on Pandora AMP include:

  • Song-by-song performance information, including total spins and number of thumbs up  

  • Number of unique fans that have created a station for each artist

  • Detailed geographic and demographic breakdowns of each artist’s audience

  • An interactive heat map showcasing where an artist’s music is attracting an audience across the United States

FINAL_AMP screenshot Overview

“Actually seeing where people are listening to an artist’s music and being able to track listening spikes will be hugely beneficial,” said Troy Carter, CEO and founder, Atom Factory.  “It is exciting to think about not only what I will learn about my artists, but how I will be able to use this information in the future"

Largest Source Of Music Engagement In U.S.

The data set is huge, spanning 9 years of customized listening by more than 76 million users tuning in for over 20 hours a month. According to the company, that means that Pandora Amp gives artists access to the single largest source of music engagement in the United States. More stats:

  • 50 billion-plus hours of music have been listened to in the past 9 years on Pandora

  • 45 billion-plus “Thumb” inputs have been shared

  • 7 billion-plus stations have been created

  • 1.61 billion listener hours in June 2014 alone

How To Sign Up

Starting today, AMP is available to all artists currently playing on Pandora. Artists can sign up for the service here and follow the latest news about AMP on Twitter @PandoraAMP.

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