Rocket Fuel – What can a new Platform add to the world of Crowd-funding?

RF LogoThe Crowd-funding market is pretty well saturated these days, but there's always room for innovation and improvemet, right? The folks at Rocket Fuel seem to think so – and perhaps they're onto something. The bread and butter of this new platform is in its sustainable career model. Rather than advocating the raising of funds for a specific item or event, they're encouraging artists (and fans) to be thinking long term by contributing regular donations over a set period of time. 

By encouraging this type of financial contributions, the fans feel less pressure to make large donations, thus are perhaps more willing to give smaller fund injections more frequently. That also means they're investing in the longterm success of the artist. Likewise, the artists are able to focus more on building a sustainable career instead of hopping from one stepping stone to the other. The Rocket Fuel team commits to assisting you in providing the content necessary to create and complete successful campaigns all while helping you plan your career. If you're just getting started and looking for a jumpstart, take a closer look into Rocket Fuel with Iansc on MusicThinkTank.com

"A sliding scale of rewards that depends on the amount offered is familiar territory in the world of crowd-funding, and it’s no different here – however the regular contributions serve to encourage artists to provide their supporters with regular new content, and so to foster a continuing two-way relationship with their fans."

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