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You’ll Never Guess Which Country Hosts The Most Pirate Sites


The UK IP Crime Group has released it's annual IP Crime Report. While it showed significant progress was made in the war against online piracy, it also revealed the United States as the host of the most pirate sites across the internet. This news comes as a bit of a surprise since earlier this year, the US-based IIPA pointed fingers at Canada without reservation suggesting they were a 'magnet' for pirate sites. 

The report gives a brief nod to Hollywood-funded industry group FACT, commending them on their instrumental anti-piracy efforts over the past year. FACT remains at the forefront of the internet battle, targeting alleged pirate sites as well as their hosting providers.

“Analysis has shown that the three key countries in which content is hosted are the UK, the USA and Canada. However, Investigating servers located offshore can cause specific problems for FACT’s law enforcement partners,” the report notes.

The chart below, generated from this year's IP Crime Report, suggests that the US has plenty of it's own work to do before shaking a stick at Canada's 2% piece of the pie.




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