4 Tips for Creating Shareable, Watchable Video Content

Viral videoWhen it comes to social media content, viral videos create the biggest buzz, translating into profits tenfold for the companies that create them. However, if you are new to the world of social media strategy then creating the right video content can be a daunting task. What should I post about? How often should I post? How much is too much? Your answers to these questions can be the difference between a social media campaign that is succesful or……unseen. Hugh McIntyre explains in his article all of elements of great video content.

Attentions spans are getting shorter and shorter. To make things more difficult, social media sites like Facebook are using tricky algorhythms so that the majority of post to your fanbase are not even seen. To grab the minds of people today, you need content that is quick, visual and, most importantly, memorable enough so that they share it. In this article, Hugh McIntyre has given 4 simple tips to give create consistent and succesful video content for your next project on MusicThinkTank.com

"Big brands and Fortune 500 companies aren’t the only ones who should play the content marketing game –anyone looking to keep an audience engaged and entertained (certainly something a band or an artist can identify with) should pay attention. Before you start spending time and money creating content though, think about what kind you’re going to make. Are you the kind of artist that’s going to be huge on social media? Will you write blog posts? Or, will you create videos that show who you are and what you’ve got going on?"

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